Windigo lineup up for sale


According to the HLTV article and Windigo official post the entire lineup, including the coach, is up for transfer.

It’s not unusual to sell а team when it’s in the top 30 best teams in the world. The more interesting is how do you sell a player that is not even yours?

The unusual practice of “stealing” players gets even higher. A few months ago our player went to play for Windigo Gaming under very dubious circumstances.

In this topic you can read detailed information how Windigo steal our player Valentin “poizon” Vasilev.

Despite all the changes and misconceptions about lack of loyalty and understanding of what we are doing, we have not stopped making our players popular and creating the best possible conditions for them to materialize and develop, so their talent shines.

The growth of poizon, SHiPZ even Blocker was under the leadership of Bpro’s managers. So, the thing that makes our organization different from everyone else is that we discover and create talents rather than steal them!

We have to assume that companies buy proplayers and then develop a good team. Once the court has ruled the validity of BPro’s contract with poizon, we think it should have the appropriate consequences, but it’s obvious that Windiogo take advantage of other people’s investments and steal players.
We do not think it is right to make deceptions and profits at the expense of those who really love electronic sports.