Conflict with real life


After we read that Windigo’s team is not going well, you can see that a former competitor is unhappy with the attitude of his former employer.
Following Spellan on Twitter, we can see threats from Windigo’s CEO Maksym Bendarskyi (read more) – that’s why his account was immediately banned from Twitter.

It turns out that Windigo, which pays unattainable to its players, is actually a “hit and run” type company.
The best thing in our case, is that Maksym easily transferred the responsibility to the poizon, because he stole it / we took it without money / from the BProGaming team, which was his home for more than 2 years.

Overall, with this action, poizon and windigo took our 49th place at, and they went from 46th to TOP30. /in time that Bpro starts to win against Windigo/.
We think it is extremely unethical that the ESL allowed the poizon to take part in the ProLeague Season.

This year will be unacceptable when the court has ruled that poizon has a valid contract with BProGaming and is a culprit in his home country. Questions remain as to what ESL and WESA’s official positions will be in relation to a convicted player? Also what is the law in the countries where Valentin intends to be transferred?

With his actions, poizon shows that besides his teammates and his organization, /he also uses the new team/ he will use them as a springboard for his personal purposes. We want to state that any subsequent action of ‘poizon’ until the expiration of its valid contract with BPro or in compliance with the court decision can lead to additional claims from our company.

One thing is clear – Maksym is a thief of players and anyone who buys an contributor from him will pay for a stolen asset from a reputable company that will seek their rights through court.