BPRo – stronger than ever


BPRO is stronger than ever!

Why BproGamming is the most successful regional project among young people?
We are working with a small group of people who have good intellectual abilities and are committed to their electronic sports.

ESports are the fastest growing digital culture. At the same time, electronic sports has become the most watched and fun online event. All the events that Bpro are participating in are bigger and more impressive live events.

Since Bpro was there, we managed to generated income for our players. In most developed countries, contestants even pay membership fees to be part of a sports club. Bpro has become a unique project from the very beginning. The organization has been designed to take all the positives and negatives alongside with their players.

In spite of the fact that we have managed to be the regional and Balkan champion in 2016, we also managed to prove ourselves as a qualifying team and to reach the top40 in the world in 2017 and top50 this year, making the first transfer of a professional player in Bulgaria. It can be said that Bpro is the real academy for many of the popular contestants, Blue Lions were home to players like: rock1ng, psycho, nk4y, xek, spellan, shipz, blocker and others.

In less than three years, we managed to have a professional League of Legends team with whom we are proud of.  We managed to build a team of World of Tanks, who beat the top world teams and we did not stop supporting all regional players of all kinds of games. We have built a good name in the gaming community and we can proudly say that now, we are stronger than ever.

Expect the unexpected!