We are number 1


We have to say our opinion about Windigo’s win and results at WESG.
We are happy with the win of Bulgarians, but we are definitely not happy with the ethics and the results for Bulgarian electronic sports.

Why do we think so – because Shipz was given to bble’s team as a gift that turned out to work for a Chinese offshore company. After that they bought out from us the player blocker, which, as a result of the market economy and the money always took advantage of him. That’s how the poizon drama happened, and that’s because that player has no honor and courage, and he thinks he’ll be misleading, signing a contract, and swearing in correctness to the organization that created him.
The important thing is that BPro obviously creates good players.

We will say it cruelly and clearly – if the Windigo boys will now win $ 60,000, a Ukrainian organization will get profits of $ 200,000 +, which means that we Bulgarians developing Ukrainian esports, but not Bulgarian.

If a Bulgarian football team plays for Liverpool or ManUtd, surely when we take the Champions League all Bulgarians will not be so happy because Liverpool or ManUtd have taken the title, not Levski, Ludogoretz or CSKA!

Actually, due to Bulgarian players low culture and education, we are still mercenaries who are cheap labor. While our behavior is such, many people will have reason to call us Third World Countries – in developement.

Nevertheless, we will continue to work hard and professionally with the highest morals and goals!