Version 9.15


This update will definitely peak your interest, as it introduces some improvements to the new tank movement physics and sound systems, some redesigns in terms of User Interface and the rebalancing of a number of vehicles. Here’s a handy summary of the update’s highlights:

Improvements to the New Physics and Sound Systems
Vehicle Rebalance
New Display for Vehicles’ Technical Parameters
Improvements in Client Performance
Changes to the Platoon System
Other Changes

Besides the aforementioned highlights, Version 9.15 brings also some other changes, fixes and improvements, that include among others:

  • Removal of the Rampage Game Mode
  • Replacement of WT auf E 100 with Grille 15
  • Improving battle/ base capture timers in the battle UI
  • Tweaks of conditions for certain Personal Missions

More information about the Update can be found HERE.

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