The Dust has Settled


Release Notes for 18/10/2017

– Replaced de_dust2 with updated version.
– Improved de_nuke bot navigation.

– Unique jump landing sounds for all major surfaces.
– Unique sounds for picking up weapons and grenades.
– Unique bullet impact sounds for vehicles and barrels.
– Re-balanced music kits volume to be more in-line with the overall game volume.
– Improved resolution and quality of HRTF algorithm.

– Both Perfect World Sticker Capsule Limited Time Offers and Graffiti Capsule Limited Time Offers are now available worldwide.
– Added normal maps for “Gut Knife | Autotronic”, “Bayonet | Autotronic”, and “M9 Bayonet | Autotronic”.
– Fixed case where players could be blinded by a flashbang outside the map and out of line of sight.

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