Play games that matter with /remake


Even if the occasional stomp feels great, every game of League should feel hard-fought and competitive on both sides. With that in mind, /remake lets you mash the eject button at the beginning of a 4v5 game, ending the match consequence-free, and allowing everyone to move on to a more equitable rumble. Here’s how it works:

  • If any player is dc’d or flagged afk for at least ninety seconds at the three minute mark, and no there’s been no first blood, all players on the short-handed team are prompted to /remake with a chat message
  • All players on that team have one minute to prompt a vote by typing /remake in chat
  • The vote needs at least two of four players (30% of players in game) to agree, at which point the game ends
  • All players connected to the game basically pretend the game never happened, gaining or losing no LP/IP/XP, and seeing no change to their overall W/L records
  • The dc’d player (or players) takes full LP losses or drop a promo game, and are also flagged by Leaver Buster
  • Note for ranked: To protect competitive integrity, Diamond V and above players will also take a loss when the dc’d player is in their premade; We’ll keep an eye on this restriction to see if it needs to extend to lower ranks

/Remake rolls out for testing in NA during patch 6.11 and a global launch shouldn’t be far behind. Check out the FAQ below and hit us with any questions in the comments!

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