MID.TV Challenge Cup Closed Quals – Group stage


The first and second round of open qualifications is already behind, which means that it’s time for the group stage for MID.TV Challenge Cup Closed Quals!

Ten participants are divided into two groups, where the teams will play in the format of Round Robin (each with each in the bo1 match). In the final part will get the four best teams, which will fight for $ 15,000!


Wednesday 29.11.2017

19:00 SpiritAcSeed bo1 (17:00 CET)
20:00 pro100EPG bo1 (18:00 CET)
21:00 BProSpiritAc bo1 (19:00 CET)
22:00 Seedpro100 bo1 (20:00 CET)
23:00 BProEPG bo1 (21:00 CET)

Thursday 30.11.2017

19:00 SeedBPro bo1 (17:00 CET)
20:00 pro100SpiritAc bo1 (18:00 CET)
21:00 EPGSeed bo1 (19:00 CET)
22:00 BPropro100 bo1 (20:00 CET)
23:00 SpiritAcEPG bo1 (21:00 CET)