Gamers Assembly 2016


Mark your calendars! Gamers Assembly returns to Easter for a 17th edition, from March 26 to 28, 2016 in Poitiers Exhibition Park for 72 hours of esport, discovery and fun!
Scenes, conferences, shows, exhibitors, competitions, freeplay, fablabs, overclocking, cosplay and more, this new edition promises to be more ambitious than ever!

Sixty-four teams, hailing from all over the country, will be battling it out over the next three days for their share of a €10,000 prize pool, with the winner earning half of that figure.
The tournament will kick off with two round-robin group stages, followed by the double-elimination playoffs with the remaining 16 teams. The best-of-three grand final, scheduled for Monday at 09:00, will see the Upper Bracket winner have a one-map advantage heading into the match.

Below you can find some of the strongest teams who will be competing at the event:
1. LDLC Blue
2. Platinium
3. Dead Pixels
5. Millenium
6. XenoDragons

The prize breakdown for the tournament looks as follows:

1. €5,000
2. €2,500
3. €1,000
4. €500
5-8. €250

Gamers Assembly tournaments:
League of Legends
HearthStone : Heroes of Warcraft
GEFORCE Overwatch cup
Rainbow Six Siage
Team Fortress 2
Starcraft 2 and many more.

More information about the Gamers Assembly can be found HERE.

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