First Online Selection Completed


CONGRATS to all Bulgarian CS:GO players!

28 CS:GO teams participated in the tournament with a total of 140 players.

team_tadoev – winneroverpass
oNFiRe – second place

(taking place on Lan final)
(16 – 4)
map de_overpass
For those who failed to reach the first places, there is one more chance and it will be next week 11/28/2015 (LINK to the tournament on Faceit) in the same format, but we hope to go much more smoothly because of the admins, which will be online especially for the BPro Tournament.

Semi Final

It was close game…
team_mnk cbble Thumb
(11 – 16)
map de_cbble

Another close game which went into overtime…

(19 – 21)
map de_cache


team_mnk vs ZeroDMG (16 – 2)
team_tadoev vs team_scarfacebg (16 – 1)
ENRAGE vs SQUA (16 – 2)
oNFiRe vs Next Enforcers (16 – 7)

Albeit, with a slight setback today marked a new beginning in CS: GO – it became clear, that even in the first-line of BPro selection enrolled more than 100 people. Unfortunately, the system of not handle at first time with the task and 4 teams complained of various problems. Discussing the situation with  – BProGaming took the best solution for everyone, we decided to reset the tournament. The teams who played and lost were removed. The teams who played and won were bundled together with those who lost due to technical issues.

Тhose who have lost their regular match, had no right to re-register for second 
participation Today, but they still can join our second Online Tournament in Faceit.
For any issues and queries during the tournament please join our team speak server and contact DroW.

Today, the Bulgarian CS:GO players participating in this tournament,  proved that in Bulgaria there are some great talents. Most importantly we saw very B_ProGraming_Logo_08nice frags and great plays. Some teams got more luck, but the best teams were able to endure to the end.

Stay united, and we wish you success!

Bprogaming would like to thank all participants!

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    Nov 21, 2015 @ 22:36 pm

    nice !

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    Nov 22, 2015 @ 21:32 pm

    congratz 2 all !

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