EU Master Series S1


The first season of the European Masters Series is happening from March 25-26th with a $3,000 prize pool. While six teams are already confirmed, the other two have the chance to qualify on March 18th.

The European Masters Series is a new online competition featuring six invited teams, including Outlaws and ex-DarkPassage. The final two participants will be decided by a 128-team single-elimination online tournament happening on March 18th.


Vexilla, KPI, iNation and Above the Rest are also confirmed for the first season, which will feature a double-elimination format with a best-of-three upper bracket and a best-of-one lower bracket.

The eight teams will not only compete for the $3,000 prize-pool but also for a place in European Masters Series’ season 2, as shown in the following prize distribution:

1. $2,000, S2 invite
2. $1,000, S2 invite
3. S2 invite

These are the six squads that are invited for the online tournament:

Outlaws Vexilla
KPI iNation
ex-DarkPassage Above the Rest