ESEA presents Global Challenge LAN


ESEA have announced the creation of a LAN which will include 50,000 dollars in prize money for qualifying teams from six different regions.

With the lack of a direct qualifier for Season 22 of the ESL Pro League, a new tournament has been created which will give international LAN experience to teams that might otherwise not have the chance to gain it.

ESEA Global Challenge will provide an opportunity for new teams to make it into the big leagues

With the global expansion of Counter Strike as their backdrop, and with teams such as TyLoo and Tempo Storm rising from peripheral regions and garnering upset potential, ESEA have focused on creating a tournament which “will be the first step for getting new faces invited into larger international events,” according to Brett Sheffiled, Product Manager at ESEA.

The ESEA Global Challenge LAN will feature eight teams from six regions with a $50,000 prize pool.

Qualifying Regions:

North America — 2 teams (Top 2 Premier teams)
Europe — 2 teams (Top 2 Premier teams)
Brazil — 1 team (Regional champion)
Australia — 1 team (Regional champion)
Asia — 1 team (Regional champion)
TBA — 1 team

Prize Breakdown:

1st place — $18,000
2nd place — $10,000
3rd place — $5,000
4th place — $5,000
5th-8th place — $3,000


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