DreamHack Malmö 2016


DreamHack Masters Malmö will consist of 16 teams. 8 teams are invited. 8 teams will qualify through Open Online Qualifiers.

The teams will compete for $250,000 in prize money, the winning team grabs $100,000 and the title as the DreamHack Masters Malmö Champions.The Group Stage will be played 12-14th of April in a studio environment with 8 teams qualifying for the event in Malmö Arena. There, teams will face off in a Single Elimination bracket and all matches will be played on stage.

Group A
1. Luminosity
2 Liquid
3. mousesports
4. TyLoo

Group B
1. Na`Vi
2 G2
3. CLG
4. Godsent

Group C
1. Astralis
2 NiP
3. dignitas
4. Lounge

Group D
1. EnVyUs
2 Virtus.pro
3. FaZe
4. Tempo storm

DreamHack Masters is the ultimate experience for eSports fans where they can watch their favorite professional players play on a massive stage. DreamHack Masters is our new eSports championship dedicated for Stadium and large-scale Arena events. DreamHack Masters will be a touring eSports championship that will visit different cities and venues with different game titles, depending on market and timing. In 2016 DreamHack will produce two DreamHack Masters events in Europe – both feat. CS:GO.

More information about the tournament can be found HERE.

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