DH Masters Malmö viewer’s guide


With DreamHack Masters Malmö kicking off tomorrow, we have put together all the information you need in our viewer’s guide including the groups, the casters, the schedule, and more.

The event which offers $250,000 in cash prizes will be the first edition of Dreamhack Masters and will be played in Malmö, Sweden. The tournament will run from the 12th of April to the 17th. Four groups of four teams will play the group stage off-stage in the Malmö Arena from April 12-14 but it will be covered by the broadcast team from DreamHack’s studio located in Stockholm. Then the playoffs will be played on-stage from April 16-17. The group stage will have a best-of-one GSL format but the decider matches will be played as best-of-threes. Top two from each group will advance to the playoffs that will start on Saturday, which means the teams will have Friday to themselves.

Groups can be found below:

Group A
1. Luminosity
2. Liquid
3. mousesports
4. TyLoo

Group B
1. Natus Vincere
2. G2
3. CLG

Group C
1. Astralis
2. NiP
3. dignitas

Group D
1. Virtus.pro
2. EnVyUs
3. Tempo Storm
4. FaZe

The playoffs will start with the quarter-finals and will be best-of-threes all the way through. The event will run for six days. Below is the full schedule:

Tuesday, April 12th
11:00h  Luminosity   vs.   TyLoo   BO1
12:30h   Liquid   vs.   mousesports   BO1
14:00h   Natus Vincere   vs.   GODSENT   BO1
15:30h   G2   vs.   CLG   BO1
17:00h   Astralis   vs.   CSGL   BO1
18:30h   NiP   vs.   dignitas   BO1
20:00h   Virtus.pro   vs.   FaZe   BO1
21:30h   EnVyUs   vs.   Tempo Storm   BO1

Wednesday, April 13th
11:00h   Group A  elimination match   BO1
12:30h   Group B  elimination match   BO1
14:00h   Group C  elimination match   BO1
15:30h   Group D  elimination match   BO1
17:00h   Group A  winners’ match   BO1
18:30h   Group B  winners’ match   BO1
20:00h   Group C  winners’ match   BO1
21:30h   Group D  winners’ match   BO1

Thursday, April 14th
11:00h   Group A  decider  BO3
14:00h   Group B  decider  BO3
17:00h   Group C  decider  BO3
20:00h   Group D  decider  BO3

Saturday, April 16th
11:00h   Quarter-final #1   BO3
14:00h   Quarter-final #2   BO3
17:00h   Quarter-final #3   BO3
20:00h   Quarter-final #4   BO3

Sunday, April 17th
12:00h   Semi-final #1    BO3
15:00h   Semi-final #2    BO3
19:00h   Grand final    BO3

The winner team will take home $100,000 and the prize distrubition will look as follows:


Source: HLTV.org

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