dennyslaw and Nk4y – the team is complete


Every day we are proud with ourselves on the decisions we make as a company.
Apparently every competitor is looking for his interests, whether it’s electronic sports or football.
Our players are one of BProGaming’s most valuable assets, as we create them from amateurs – they rarely have some professional experience or statistics in gaming portals, such as

We can recall the short list of BProGaming contestants, and we do not include names like Spyleader, dr3amer or nkl, which were organically part of the МК.
After an online tournament with over 64 teams and 20 people meeting LAN at the BPro Esports event in 2015 – we started creating players like: rock1ng, nk4y, spellan, v1per, niki1, psycho, xek, affichko, blocker, shipz, Vnko, Lefteriy, ZIX, Redstar, poizon, rafftu, BrN and others. A lot of emotions and people that were part of BPro, but the truth is one – BPro is a family and it stays together!

BPro is ready to activate other teams and it’s all about time. We are very sorry that Alex ‘dubpower‘ Ivanov could not fit into the main CS:GO Team of BProGaming at this moment, but we believe in him and once he is among the talents of Bulgaria, we will do our best to help him find his professional realization. For us he is a very talented sniper who is yet to prove himself.

So today’s BProTeam is as follows:
Nikolay ‘niki1‘ Pantaleev
Ivan ‘Rock1nG‘ Stratiev
Krasen ‘Zix‘ Minchev
Nikola ‘NK4Y‘ Radushev
Denislav ‘dennyslaw‘ Dimitrov

Bulgarian lions in a Bulgarian company!