CSGO Update Notes for 10/10/2016


Pre-Release Notes for 10/10/2016

The following changes are in the “” CS:GO Beta depot.

– A revised version of de_inferno is available in the Beta depot. Check it out and send us your feedback!








The main selling point of tonight’s prerelease update (which is part of the Beta depot of the game) is a revised Inferno, which has already received massive acclaim on social media from pros and community members for being a noticeably improved rework of the map.

A run-through of the map that shows that many of the old maps flaw’s have received a Valve makeover, such as poor visibility on the A bombsite and an overall dark map design, a too narrow chokepoint at Banana, and clunky car models which impeded firefights.

– Added a 0.4 second cooldown to the crouch button to reduce the visual noise from spamming crouch in the air.
— This is tunable via the convar sv_timebetweenducks.
– Fixed a case where a player’s crouch state did not match the state of the +duck key. The most noticeable case was when taking over a bot that was crouching.
– Adjusted bomb plant animation when planting the bomb while already crouched.
– Fixed a bug where molotovs/incendiary grenades did not generate flames when they exploded on the corner of a ledge.
– Reduced viewmodel rotational effect when pointing a weapon at near-vertical angles

[Xbox Game DVR]
– Added a performance recommendation for Windows 10 users explaining how to disable Game DVR if it is enabled.

– Sniper scopes are much more responsive to your actual accuracy; the blur is driven by your current inaccuracy.
— NOTE: There are no gameplay changes to scoped accuracy. The display now more-correctly represents your current inaccuracy.
– Crosshair blur fidelity improved.
– New console variable cl_crosshair_sniper_show_normal_inaccuracy (default 0) includes standing inaccuracy and spread in your sniper crosshair blur.

– Gameplay convars for community servers & workshop maps:
— weapon_air_spread_scale (default 1): Games that focus on air combat can set this to a lower value to improve weapon accuracy for players in the air.
— sv_enablebunnyhopping (default 0): Disables the air-velocity clamping to 110% of maximum running speed.
— sv_autobunnyhopping (default 0): Holding +jump causes players to automatically re-jump at the exact landing tick.


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