CS:GO UPDATE 27/07/2016



– Radar is no longer hidden when win panel comes up.
– Shipping changes to how some UI elements are implemented in preparation for a move to Panorama UI. This should have no noticeable change in UI functionality, but is the first step in moving to the new system.
— Please report any UI regressions to csgoteamfeedback@valvesoftware.com and include #UIFeedback in the subject heading.


– Increased fidelity of firing sounds for P90, MP7 and MP9
– Added unique reload and draw sounds for P90, MP7 and MP9
– Slightly reduced volume of firing for recently changed weapon sounds
– Made headphones the default sound option instead of two-speaker. (If playing with headphones or sound cards with virtual 5.1/7.1 enabled, make sure 5.1 is selected in the CSGO audio settings menu instead.)


– Networked viewangle precision to other players is now lossless.


– Updated the autobuy and rebuy scripts to support 2x flashbangs and reordered the purchasing order (in case of insufficient funds.)
– Added tracers to alt fire on Aug, Sg, Glock, and Famas.
– Set all shotguns except XM to semi-auto.
– AWP and SSG08 now also drop magazines
– (Thanks, SlothSquadron)


– Fixed a server crash (Thanks, Gamemann, for the report)
– Fixed bug where non-Latin characters could not be stored in config files.
– Fixed bug where demoui, console, and other controls wouldn’t show an ‘X’ to close the window.




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