CS:GO Update 16/03/2017


A new update to CS:GO has been released, making minor maps changes  such as Nuke, Cobblestone and Cache, fixing grenade sounds, new weapon case, new Phoenix model, the next Major tournament announcement and adding a new map – Canals. 

Take a trip to the Canals

Today’s update added a new Valve map to all game modes called Canals. The map is set in an Italian city and features wide open areas mixed with small indoor spaces.

Canals is a brand new map for CS:GO, set in a historic Italian city. Two important tourist attractions are under threat by an international group of terrorists known as the Phoenix, and SEAL Team 6 has been deployed to stop them.

The map is based on real-world environments that give each area its own architectural style as well as gameplay, and produce an unconventional layout. The CT side is composed of a large, wide open area while the T-controlled territory forms a crescent of smaller spaces around it and provides multiple approaches to each bomb site.

The bombsites require different tactics and weapon choices for each team. Site A is set in the open CT territory and rewards the use of smoke grenades as well as rifle skills, while site B is located in the interior where submachine guns and shotguns will prove most useful.

The canal that runs below site B also allows a stealthy approach deep into the CT-controlled area and the A site. This area has a lot of cover that makes it difficult and hazardous for CTs to hold.

While the map is based on a real-world location, the aesthetics are intentionally clean and uncluttered for good player visibility. In addition, many of the environmental models are built in a modular fashion so they can be easily re-used by community map makers.

We look forward to seeing how the map is received by the players. As with our previous map releases, listening to feedback from the community will help us make improvements in the future.

Phoenix Rising

Today we’re shipping a visual upgrade to the Phoenix Terrorist player model. Like the recent upgrade of the SAS Counter-Terrorist model, the adjustments are focused on preserving character legibility and improving overall visual fidelity.


The Spectrum Case

Introducing the Spectrum Case, featuring 17 Community-designed weapon finishes. In the Spectrum Case, the rare special item will be the second generation of knives in Chroma finishes.

Gameplay wise, there have been changes to the HRTF sounds and fixes to the grenade sounds not playing when they should. Nuke, Cobblestone, Cache and Italy have received various updates, with Nuke seemingly being changed the most—the C4 explosion radius has been reduced from 500 to 400 units, the A main/mini door has been raised and hut has received a couple of changes too.

Lastly, two commands have been added that help players see where their teammates are and what equipment they have: cl_show_team_equipment and cl_teamid_overhead_always. It is yet to be seen if these options will be allowed in the competitive environment.

Release Notes for 16/03/2017

– Improved performance when using HRTF.
– Fixed some cases where grenade sounds wouldn’t play when they should.

[ MISC ]
– Fixed teammate color problem when teammates select an invalid color.
– cl_drawhud_force_radar can have three values: -1 to force draw no radar, 0 default, 1 to force draw radar even if other HUD is disabled.
– cl_drawhud_force_deathnotices can have three values: -1 to force draw no deathnotices, 0 default, 1 to force draw deathnotices even if other HUD is disabled.
– Added option to Game Settings to set Team ID to Always On ( cl_teamid_overhead_always ). Server can disable with sv_teamid_overhead_always_prohibit.
– Added binding to Show Team Equipment ( +cl_show_team_equipment ) that will show teammates’ full Target ID, including equipment. Server can disable with sv_show_team_equipment_prohibit.
– func_rotating objects no longer freeze and spam server console after rotating 1000 times

[ MAPS ]

– Thinned out corner when coming into hut from lobby, making it easier to peek into A site
– Bullets now do more damage when shot through walls in hut
– Raised rollup door in Mini, making it easier to see towards rafters
– Removed three boxes on top of blue container near garage
– Reduced C4 explosion radius from 500 to 400 units (Thanks NaVi!)
– Made water outside the map deeper (Thanks hollandje!)

– Raised arch on CT side of long A

– Fixed some boost exploits
– Railing on top of boost position near T bridge no longer blocks bullets

– Various bug fixes