CPH Games groups determined


After the last match of the Copenhagen Games qualifier was over, the organizers released groups for the main tournament featuring €30,000.

A total of 60 teams participated in the Copenhagen Games qualifier, which handed out eight spots for the main tournament, with the other eight having been invited beforehand.

The teams were first split into 15 groups, played in a GSL-style best-of-one format. Unsurprisingly favourites of the entire qualifier, including Preparation, Space Soldiers, Plantronics, Alpha and more advanced to the best-of-three bracket stage.

In the end, all aforementioned teams made it to the last-eight, which earned them a spot in the main tournament. However, teams such as BX3 and Playing Ducks didn’t make it.

The Copenhagen Games group draw looks as follows:

Group A
1. dignitas
3. Preparation
4. Fragsters

Group B
1. E-frag.net
2. CPH Wolves
3. Alpha
4. Epsilon

Group C
1. SK
3. Publiclir.se
4. Plantronics

Group D
1. HellRaisers
3. Iwku
4. Space Soldiers

The main tournament starts tomorrow with the GSL group stage, as well as quarter-finals, while Saturday will see semi-finals and the grand final played out. Refer to our viewer’s guide for a more specific schedule of the tournament and anything else you might need to know about the event.

Source: HLTV.org

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