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Legendary story

Why is BPro a successful organization and why all our players are so successful? – 2018 statistics

Poizon – greatest sniper!

That’s because of the founders of the organization – Dimitar ‘Drow‘ Slavkov,  Alexandar ‘JoSeKi‘ Gerenski and Georgi ‘Himy‘ Himchev, and an old school player and friend of Drow – Tsvetan ‘RIjK0‘ Petrov.

First BPro line-up selection 12.2015

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Inevitably, the founders of BProGaming have imposed discipline and rules that the players themselves have reached as a conclusion, over time. The skills of our players are not underestimated, but the power is nothing without control!

Some of the best Reds7ar and Poizon plays, makes us believe that even in young players are people who realize the game on another level and feel every single timing and play.

We hope that the changes in the lineup of the team will be for good and we will beat everyone in all the tournaments. BPro always play for victory!

Bpro players are successful because of the conditions they have towards other players in the region, as well as the rich experience the organization offers. The founders of CS:GO Team Drow, JoSeKi and RIjK0 are competitors from the dawn of Half-Life’s mods, playing in the qualifications of ESWC, WECG, CPL, ESL and many other tournaments. DroW is one of the most experienced Bulgarian competitors, co-founder of many great Bulgarian clans like MoD, K7b and many others, captain of the Bulgarian CS:Source Team and with a years of experience in the American leagues between 2004-2007. JoSeKi has played for the very first sponsored Bulgarian teams. For the first time he won a 2vs2 tournament in 2000, and his first tournament of 5vs5 was in 2001, completing his career with Drow in the BHSabnormal‘ team with TheHunter, Dragon1te, Shadow, popa. RIjK0 was one of the most desired player for every team at the end of 2008, but at that time he competed for k7b as a direct rival of his friends.

SUCCESS – hard work and many years of expirience are sitting behind all the BPROGAMING.
Bulgarians are traditionalists and we do not play CS from “yesterday”!
Everyone makes mistakes, but we always get the best out of the situation.
Despite all the problems with competitors over the years, the company shows sustainability and permanence.
Expect a lot of new surprises from BPro!