Bpro is confirmed for the Balkan League Season 3

Two days ago Bpro CS was invited to attend the 3rd season of Balkan Championship.
This time 12 teams will fight in league/round robin system after which best 4 teams goes to playoffs and fight for over 4000$ cash prizes.
Out of the 12 teams 8 are invited and 4 teams will come through two rounds of qualifiers.
Invited teams are:
Romania neXtPlease!
Romania XPC Red
Serbia CS-GO.rs
Serbia iNation
Bulgaria Bpro
Hungary GameAgents
Hungary Pixel
Turkey DeathtrapFour remaining spots will be filled by finalists of qualifiers and you can find info about it on links bellow:
17.03.2016 18:00 – Qualifier #1
20.03.2016 16:00 – Qualifier #2As always league will be covered by GameAgentsTV and GameAgents.org.


Source: GameAgents

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