BPro Atenti is included in the Race of HearthStone


Dear Friends of BPro Gaming Alliance,

We are delighted to say that our latest member Atenti will be participating in his first HearthStone Fireside Gathering Tournament, as part of our team.

This Sunday 29th of November he will be competing in a bracket of 32 people and for a price pool of 500 lv.

The round of 32 and round of 16 will be in a conquest Best of 3 format and the round of 8 will be in a Best of 5 format.

Let’s wish him luck and we hope that RNGJesus will be on his side.


Go go go Atenti!
GLHF, May Doctor Boom’s Boombots boom you up all the way to winner place Atenti !

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BPro Gaming Alliance management team

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