BPro and VatosLotos to WESG Europe


BPro and VatosLotos qualified for the World Electronic Sports Games European finals

Bulgarian BPro and Portuguese team VatosLocos are the first two teams to have qualified for the World Electronic Sports Games European finals.

Teams from Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Israel faced off in the South-Eastern Europe, with BPro coming out on top after defeating XPC in a highly-contested grand final that went to all three maps (16-9 on Overpass, 16-19 on Cache and 16-9 on Dust2).


Thirty-two teams from across the Iberian peninsula competed in the region’s WESG qualifier for the chance to secure an all-expenses paid trip to the continental finals, in Kiev. The tournament rules are single-elimination bracket with best-of-three matches for the last two rounds.

Portuguese mix team led by former FaZe member Ricardo “fox” Pacheco, reach the grand final when VatosLocos took the lead in the series with a 16-14 victory on Mirage, 16-3 victors on Cache and Train, where they secured a 16-4 win.



After winning the qualifier, BPro announced one change to their roster as former MK member Emiliyan “spyleader” Dimitrov will replace Anton “AFFICHKO” Kolev.

The WESG qualifiers will continue this weekend with tournaments in Sweden and Norway. Teams can sign up for these qualifiers by heading over to the Starladder WESG website.



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