BPro advances to the MSI MGA 2019 closed qualifier


Over the past two days, our team has been participating in the second open qualifier for MSI MGA 2019.

After defeating Partyzanci with score 16:4, we had to face Gamerzone in the first semi-final. The winner of that match went directly to the tournament’s closed qualifiers. Unfortunately, Gamerzone was the better team that night and deservedly win the match 2:0.

The loss in the semi-final sent our team to fight for the third place against MegaWonsz9, which also provided a place in closed qualifications. We don’t make mistakes twice and after difficult start we managed to win our pick Inferno with 16:14. MegaWonsz9 choice was Mirage, but this time we did not allow our opponents to surprise us and we closed the game (16:10) and the match with clear 2:0 victory.

So after the victory our team joined Epsilon , Heretics , Turkey5 , GAMERZONE and FPL-CTalents. The final qualification will be on July 26th for the remaining two spots. All qualified teams will fight for the first place and the chance to participate in this year MSI MGA 2019 Lan Finals.

Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming closed qualifier.