NK4Y and dubpower has joined BPro


After spyleadeR`s decision to putting himself on the bench the organization came to a decision that Branislav Panov also known as “BrN” will not be able to adapt to the new lineup, so from today, he is no longer part of the team. He is a great player and a great awp so we wish him all the best.

Because of this roster change we need two players to fill the team for the upcoming matches. That is why we welcome Alex Ivanov also known as “dubp0wer” who will start training with the team next week. He is a relatively new player on the Bulgarian stage and we hope to get the support of our fans said the BPro’s CEO Alexandar “JoSeKi” Gerenski.

Our second choice is Nikola “NK4Y” Radushev, well known to all of us as a former team player. As a former BPro player, we all know what he is capable of. He has had some solid experience while playing for Prophecy, x6tence Galaxy and more.

And speaking of a well-known, do you remember this incredible performance a few years ago? Yeah, we won that game!

Our CS:GO roster went through a hard month, so we hope that with the beginning of the new year we will be able to delight our fans with more participations and wins in international tournaments.

BPro’s will have the following lineup going forward:

Nikolay ‘niki1‘ Pantaleev
Ivan ‘Rock1nG‘ Stratiev
Krasen ‘Zix‘ Minchev
Nikola ‘NK4Y‘ Radushev
Alex ‘dubpower‘ Ivanov