Bidding war over a best e-professional players team


News have been released that the UK’s Team Dignitas has has two pro League of Legends teams, but only one of them can be selected. A war has busted during the bids for the team of professional players of the game League of Legends.

Information has leaked that bids amounting to and beyond $500,000 (£323,000) have been at stake.

The new owner of the team is to be announced towards the end of this month.

 Big bids

The game with worldwide popularity League of Legends has an associated Championships which stands teams with top professional gaming skills against each other towards large monetary prizes.

In 2014 the winners of the championship shared a prize of $1m (£650,000).

The competitions take place at a “virtual arena” and the game is about demolishing your opponents’ base, so that it could not be rebuilt.

According to an announcement made before the official BBC media only one team can be managed, and this is the reason why the other team of professional game players needs to be sold. At least this is done in the form of a challenge and is an innovation, which is innate to the e-sports industry.

Mr. Michael O’Dell, manager of Team Dignitas, explained that keeping two teams is against their policy rules, even though they have tried handling the matter for some time. For the time being the new owner of the team is confirmed, but information is to be revealed at a later stage – a statement was made.

But it is to be announced that there was a great interest towards the purchasing of the team. During the last few weeks had been many bids for the team from many pro-game management companies, individuals and other organizations.

The e-sports is developing with really fast speed at the moment,” said Mr. O’Dell. There are millionaires and billionaires coming in buying teams and there are sports stars looking to buy teams.

Pro-players could also cash in later in October at the start of the 2015 transfer season, which often sees top players garner large fees to change teams.

Tim Edwards, an editor at the PC Games N website, said the size of the deal over the LoL team reflected the growing interest in e-sports by traditional media firms, brand managers and advertisers.


The quarter-finals of the League of Legends World Championships are being streamed on BBC Three over three days.

Videos from FridayVideos from Saturday and Videos from Sunday.

The World Championships concludes on 31 October in Berlin.

Source: Various materials over the subject in Internet.


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