486 Series May #1 Registration


The 486 Series once again calls for talented and valiant people!

The questions are invariably the same:

What’s the goal? The only goal is victory! To win every match and defeat every opposing team! When you are in the game, a target is a target. Commend your enemy’s courage, but show him no mercy. What does it require? Amongst other things, strength and determination. Strength without determination means nothing… And determination without strength is equally useless!

“Do I have what it takes?” In the end, it boils down to two simple choices: either you do or you don’t.

“I’m scared. Can I join next time instead?” Anyone can claim that they will act in the direst of times, yet only the bravest act in times great and small. It’s not always about winning the ultimate competition: it’s about fighting the everyday battles.

What about the tournament details? All the dates, details and rewards are available on the registration page – so are the maps. But no matter where you fight, don’t ruin the flowers!

All information you need about the series can be found HERE.

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