29/08/2016 CS:GO News


MK win ESEA S22 Global Challenge

MK have defeated Crowns in ESEA Season 22 Global Challenge’s grand final 2-0 (Cobblestone 16-13, Inferno 16-8).

Cobblestone kicked off the grand final between MK and the tournament’s surprise Crowns. David “Jayzwalkingz” Kempner provided three headshots in the pistol as CT, helping the Swedes gain a 3-0 lead.

The Bulgarians replied with the first gunround, but their economy got reset immediately and Crowns ran with it for the next five rounds until it was 8-1 as they won all clutch situations despite a heroic 1v4 attempt by Kamen “bubble” Kostadinov. From there on out MK got a hold of the half except for one round where they lost another 1v1, taking it to a 6-9 scoreline.

Crowns won the following pistol, but Nikolay “nkl” Krustev stopped them in their tracks with three kills in the forcebuy afterwards and MK slowly crawled their way back into the match until it was 12-11 in favor of the Swedes.

Mortal Kombat are the champions of ESEA Season 22 Global Challenge

Kempner and Fredrik “Krewmer” Svensson turned a 2v5 situation around for the 13th round, but it didn’t startle Simeon “dream3r” Ganev and company who won all five remaining for a 16-13 victory on map one.

The beginning of map two, Inferno, was a back-and-forth battle at the start, as both teams kept winning forcebuys until it was 2-2. After a lengthy pause due to technical issues, MK took over and took six of the next seven rounds for 8-3. The two continued to trade blows and took two rounds each for a 10-5 score in favor ofEmiliyan “spyleadeR” Dimitrov and company.

After the second pistol round went the Swedes’ way, Mortal Kombat once again won the following forcebuy and ran away with the match, grabbing the title at 16-8 and $18,000 that goes along with it.

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Source: HLTV.org

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