28/08/2016 CS:GO News


Mortal Kombat and Crowns have advanced to ESEA Season 22 Global Challenge grand final after eliminating ALTERNATE aTTaX (2-1; Cobblestone 16-14, Dust2 8-16, Overpass 16-2) and Echo Fox (2-0; Mirage 16-5, Dust2 16-10), respectively.

The beginning of day two at ESL studios in Katowice, Poland saw MK and ALTERNATE aTTaX pitted against each other in the first semi-final of ESEA Season 22 Global Challenge.

Cobblestone kicked off the series, with the Germans taking away a close 8-7 lead as Counter-Terrorists. Despite the map being historically Terrorists-favored, the Bulgarian side secured nine rounds on the defence as they picked up map one with Emiliyan “spyleadeR” Dimitrov and Kamen “bubble” Kostadinov putting in the most frags.

bubble shone throughout the entire semi-final

Dust2 followed and Tizian “tiziaN” Feldbusch continued with a great performance, helping his team secure 11 rounds as CT and closing out map two with a comfortable 16-8 scoreline despite Kostadinov’s 1.46-rating display.

Overpass was barely a contest however, MK’s best player was once again on top of the scoreboard during their 13-2 dominance as Terrorists, and Kostadinov rubbed salt in the wounds of ALTERNATE aTTaX with an ace in the second pistol round, winning the map 16-2 eventually.


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