23/07/2016 CS:GO News


eSports Festival with $24,000 tourney

eSports Festival have revealed they will be hosting a four-team tournament at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition center on August 21st, which will give out 180,000 HKD (~$24,000) across qualifiers and the main event.

TyLoo will be amongst the participants of the ESF 2016 playoffs as the only directly invited side. They will be joined by two teams coming from two rounds of qualifiers open to all Asian teams, and one coming from a Hong Kong qualifier.

TyLoo invited to another local event

The Asian qualifier will start off with an open stage, played in a single-elimination, best-of-one format, for which teams can still register here. Top two sides will then join five invited teams and the winner of a ~$2,500 Taiwan offline qualifier in the closed stage.

Teams invited to the closed qualifier are following:

VG.CyberZen Signature
EDG MVP project
TheMongolz Taiwan offline qualifier
Asian open qualifier Asian open qualifier

From July 26th to August 13th teams from Hong Kong will fight in their own single-elimination, best-of-one qualifier, which will give out one spot for the main event and a total of 35,000 HKD (~$4,500).

The ESF 2016 playoffs, played on August 21st, will have 150,000 HKD on offer (~$19,500), with a lion’s share of 100,000 HKD (~$13,000) going to the champion. The slot distribution looks as follows:

TyLoo Hong Kong qualifier
Asian closed qualifier Asian closed qualifier


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