22/08/2016 CS:GO News


TyLoo conquer eSports Festival Finals


TyLoo took home the first place at the eSports Festival, by defeating their local rivals VG.CyberZen fairly handily (16-6 on Mirage and 16-8 on Dust2), and winning the equivalent of $12,890 in prize money in the process.

The playoffs of the event consisted of four teams, being TyLoo,VG.CyberZen, EDG, as well as the aptly named 3 NEW 2 OLD. The latter three went through a qualifier, whereas TyLoo was the only directly invited team, and they ended up proving why.

Winning 2-0 in the first series against EDG, TyLoo didn’t leave much doubt about which roster is currently the strongest in the Asian scene.

VG.CyberZen won their first series against 3 NEW 2 OLD 2-0. EDGwent on to take the 3rd place finish with a 2-1 victory over the Hong Kong-based team.

TyLoo continue dominating in Asia

The final between the leading two Chinese teams was ultimately quite one-sided. Mirage went 12-3 on the CT half for YuLun “fancy1” Cai & co., and they had no trouble closing out the last four rounds on their T-side.

Dust2 was more evenly contested in the first half as it went 8-7 for TyLoo as CT’s, but VG.CyberZen could not post up any sort of defense against TyLoo’s siege on the T-side.

The Chinese powerhouse closed out the half 8-1, further cementing the hierachy between these two teams, as VG.CyberZen have only won one map (in overtime) against TyLoo out of the last twelve they have played head-to-head.


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