22/07/2016 CS:GO News


Valve have sent out a cease and desist letter to a number of in-game item gambling companies last night, which lists the likes of CSGOLounge and CSGOFast that offer betting on CS:GO pro matches.

Following a statement from Valve one week ago that usage of Steam API in running a gambling business is not allowed per Steam user agreements, a lot of speculation floated around the scene regarding which sites will be stopped from operating and whether that involves match betting websites as well.

Last night CSGOBig.com announced that they received a cease and desist letter from Valve’s legal counsel.

The above letter’s legitimacy was confirmed by Valve upon inquiry to HLTV.org and Richard Lewis and it contains a list of websites that have supposedly received ten days notice (or will receive it) and are requested stop to their use of the Steam accounts for commercial purposes.

Notably, doubts about what Valve referred to as gambling have been removed, as CSGOLounge, as well as CSGOFast, sites that enable betting with skins on professional matches, are on the list.

It remains to be seen how this will affect the CS:GO scene as many leagues and tournaments have relied on item betting to increase their viewership.


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