07/08/2016 CS:GO News


Space Soldiers win ASUS ROG Summer

Space Soldiers defeated Epsilon 2-0 (Cache 16-11, Cobblestone 16-5) in the grand final of ASUS ROG Summer 2016 to win their first international LAN title and the $12,000 first-place prize.

At the start of the day Space Soldiers met Millenium in the first semi-final. The Turks went ahead to win two maps that went into double digits, Cobblestone and Dust2, to become the first finalists.

The other semi-final saw ENCE and Epsilon fight tooth and nail on three close maps. The Finns kicked Nuke off with a dominant Terrorist side, grabbing a 12-3 lead, but the Swedish T side was one round better for a 16-14 win.

ngiN’s Space Soldiers win their first international offline title

Dust2 followed and despite Fredrik “REZ” Sterner continuing with a great performance ENCE edged their opponents in a double-overtime battle at 22-20. The series was decided on Cobblestone where Aleksi “allu” Jalli shone, but so did Jerry “xelos” Råberg as his team advanced to the grand final at 16-12.

Space Soldiers then took on the Swedes on Cache, which they came out on top of with eight rounds on each side. On their own pick, Cobblestone, they put in an 11-round CT side and quickly closed it out as Terrorists to grab their first ever international LAN title at 16-5.


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Source: HLTV.org

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