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B Pro Gaming Alliance is the first of its kind exquisitely built organization by gamers and for gamers. What tells us apart from all the rest already existing is that we are actually building this society. Funding for all this comes thanks to our accomplishments and success from outside business areas. Our main purpose is to unite the gaming society throughout Europe and possibly worldwide and contribute to the setting up of better conditions for professional gaming. We do honestly hope to supplement and influence in a positive way the existing competition regulations between teams, sponsors and basically everyone who is involved in the computer and gaming world. Our plan and belief is to meet hands with anyone who is willing to become part of the professional gaming and team management engagement on the world stage. We are prepared to accept the membership of anyone who would share the values and purposes of our organization and is also willing to contribute to the development and popularization of game playing as skill for professional sport. For the successful accomplishment of our aims and set out of necessary conditions needed for the sport development, mutual cooperation with companies which are to provide the infrastructure, server means and teams for tournaments come in hand. All B Pro Gaming Alliance players cherish and share the common idea to keep children, young adults and society informed for all good practices and purposes of game playing. Each one of them is personally engaged to spread this knowledge, even at the expense and cost of their personal time, but to contribute Alliance’s aims and reasons. One of the main purposes B Pro Gaming Alliance has ahead is the building and formation of stable gaming society in Bulgaria and internationally.