BPro Gaming is the first professional gaming organization in Bulgaria. Founded in 2015 by former Counter-Strike players. The gaming community is everything for BPro. The current team includes experience of old ‘soldiers’ and the latest generation of new players, which are ready for professional growth, designers, video editors, commentators, analysts and many gamers.Our common passion for online games helped us becoming a close group of people that share this culture and work hard by giving everything. We had very difficult moments building the company from scratch, but we never stopped. Now more than ever we want to prove, that without professional players it’s impossible to be competitive with the growing gaming world and we will do our best to show that professional gaming can also exist in Bulgaria.

If you are interested in joining us, beware that in order to become part of our small and precious family you will need to pass several challenges, including proving that you carry the passion and energy of a winner at every moment.

Alexandar ‘JoSeKi’ Gerenski
Manager / CS:GO Coach
Manager / CS:GO Coach
Georgi ‘Himi’ Himchev
Admin / LoL Coach
Ivan ‘Shadowgrimmm’ Yankov
Shop Manager
Lyubomir ‘KiaKaha’ Petrov
Website Support
Atanas ‘Fury’ Popov
Team Manager
Georgi Atanasov
Sport Psychologist